Stefflon Don - Move

14 septembre 2020 - 1040 vues
Watch the official video for Stefflon Don "Move" : Connect w/ Stefflon Don: Move Lyrics: Money house paper Look down pon mi shoe a alligator Ah weh mi live sky scraper If yuh no like mi yuh must be a hater Anyting dem wah mi do dem haffi pay for Fi count my money ya go need calculator Any we mi step undertaker 911 dem haffi call di operated Get up n move dash weh that Money tie up ina bank but a nuff cash mi stack Money haffi flip acrobat Cah step pon mi cah mi a no door mat Man a dead over mi body and mi pretty features Tell me seh him av a gurl Mi tell him Delete that Any wey u deh mi deh mi eva ready withe the gang Dutachavelli with the semi dus ik weet niet wat je denkt (Dutch) I’m bad she’s mad but what’s new Can’t chat to me with those views Man a mad gyal They dont know they talking to bad gyal Heavy plus im rated drop bitches like im a cab man Gang land Run train on these bitches i let the gang bang Cru still keep it cute but a hoe on mute Gather hoes up like a ponytail They don’t like me but i still wish em well I aint perfect but i promise i wont do u wrong Loyalty before dishonour n ma money long All the drug dealers feel me The presidents wanna meet me All the girls in the city get pretty they pay to see me All these breddas wah fuck me they dreaming about ma kitty and your daddy hypnotised he get giddy when he get near me On top like 2 titties Body fluffy it no skinny Fully booked the donny busy Get lizzi then bop like diddy Neva sticky You a Im drinking im feeling dizzy I pitty u haters really Like billie i do it biggy Chat to me chat chat to me hoe If you can’t chat patwa then you cant chat to me tho #StefflonDon #Move